Here are some questions and answers about the service we can offer:

Q. How much does it cost?
A. The service costs £400+VAT for the year.
Q. What will I get for that?
A. We will design and build the website which will host your document. If you want we can use your company logos and colours. Once you are happy with the website, we will host it for the year.
Q. What are The Pensions Regulator requirements?
A. In summary, the requirements are:
  • Your SIP must be publically available for members to access. It must be able to be indexed by search engines like Google
  • You should not need to enter a username or password to access the site
  • The web address must be easily typed
  • The information should take into account the various accessibility options that some members need to use. For example, the text should be available to screen reading software. The recognised standard is WCAG 2.0 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines)
  • The text should have the ability to be downloaded and printed using the common web browsers’ in-built functions
Q. What is wrong with using the scheme’s company website to host the document?
A. This is of course an option. However, it is unlikely that your company website will meet all the requirements set out by The Pensions Regulator, particularly those around accessibility. You could of course re-write your company website to meet the guidelines, however, this would cost substantially more than the service we are offering.
Q. We have a professional trustee. What is wrong with using their website to host the document?
A. Again this is an option. You will still have the problem of making sure the professional trustees’ website meets the accessibility guidelines, which it is very unlikely to do. The trustee company would need to list all the schemes that it looks after, which might be complex to implement and confusing to your members. The professional trustee company is also likely to charge you a lot more than our service.
Q. Why wouldn’t I use my internal IT department?
A. Assuming your internal IT department have got the skills to do it, this is of course an option. However, it can be a fiddly process designing and building the website. There are also the jobs of maintaining the website, backing it up as well as looking after the domain, website hosting and SSL certificates. In our experience, the internal IT department are very busy so would prefer to pass on the job to our company who specialises in this service.
Q. Would the company who built our company website be able to host our SIP?
A. The professionals who built your company website should have the skills to host the SIP for you. However, their costs will be substantially more than we are charging. We have seen web design companies who charge 3 months worth of hosting that is more expensive than our service.
Q. Why have you priced the service a lot lower than our other advisers?
A. We have tried to price the service as low as possible so it is the stand out best choice when you compare my service to the other options. We don’t have a plush city centre office so our overheads are minimal. Our aim is to become the market leader in the very niche area of hosting pension documents.
Q. The scheme no longer has a company website. Can we still use your service?
A. This is one scenario where our service is the perfect fit. We will host your DB SIP and you just need to tell the members the website address.
Q. Who do you normally work with?
A. We have worked with a variety of different people from individual trustees of a scheme all the way up to the largest actuarial firms. The reality is large organisations are very busy and publicly hosting the SIP isn’t high on their priority list and instead use our service. They know the job will be completed quickly and to the requirements set out by The Pensions Regulator.
Q. What happens if The Pensions Regulator adds more documents to the requirements?
A. We can easily add any documents to your bespoke website and thus meet any new requirements.
How good would it be if you handed over your SIP, and we took away the hassle and freed up your time? Get in touch! We can host it for you.